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The Regional Wellbeing Survey was established with a principle of openness. This means that we make our questionnaires, data and findings available as widely as possible, while ensuring the privacy and confidentiality of the people who participate in the survey. It also means we only accept funding if funders agree to data collected in the survey being owned by the University of Canberra, which ensures we can make our datasets available to a wide range of researchers to use.

This page provides information on the technical aspects of the Regional Wellbeing Survey, and access to key resources including our past questionnaires. You can find out more in our user guide about how and why we use a blended probability and non-probability sample to recruit participants to the Regional Wellbeing Survey each year, you can access the questions included in the survey each year, and you can find out how to apply to access the dataset.



You can access all of our RWS questionnaires here. For some years, there is more than one questionnaire. This is because in some years we divide the survey into ‘panels’, each of which contain a set of core questions asked of every participants, as well as a unique ‘panel’ of questions which are asked of only the subset of participants who receive that panel of questions.

Survey user guide

Our survey user guide provides an overall guide to the survey, methods used to recruit participants, and process for applying to use the data set. If you wish to apply to access the dataset, you can find the application to access the dataset here.


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