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Research Team

The team working on the project are:

Dr Mel Mylek

Prof. Jacki Schirmer

Ms Celia Maddox

The Regional Wellbeing Survey team are proud to be partnering with Carers Australia and Department of Social Services to continue the national survey into the wellbeing of carers and their support services. The Carer Wellbeing Survey is an annual survey asking people to share their experiences – past and present – of being a carer and the support services they use.

Results from the 2021, 2022 and 2023 Carer Wellbeing Surveys can be found here:

Past reports

Caring for other people can take many forms, and so can the benefits and challenges that come with providing care to another person. Starting in 2021, the Carer Wellbeing Survey asked about the types of care provided to others, and the types of supports or services accessed in caring roles, including the Australian Government Carer Gateway. The 2022 Carer Wellbeing Survey examined whether the wellbeing of Australia’s carers changed between 2021 and 2022 and had a special focus on the impacts of COVID-19 on carers. In 2023 the Carer Wellbeing Survey continued to examine change in the wellbeing of carers and their access to supports and services, and had a special focus on the rising cost of living.

You can download a copy of survey questions below:

2021 CWS questions

2022 CWS questions

2023 CWS questions

More information about the survey, including how the privacy and confidentiality of participants is protected, can be found in our information sheet.


Sharing findings

Throughout the research, we will share our findings via public reports and media articles, and will update this webpage as publications become available. 



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