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We recommend you complete the online version of the survey using a computer or tablet, rather than a mobile phone.

While the survey can be done on a mobile phone, the questions get squished vertically, making it difficult to navigate. As a result, doing it on a mobile will add substantially to time it takes to complete the survey.


Participation in this survey
is entirely voluntary

We care very much about your wellbeing, so when we are asking about your wellbeing or other things in the survey, if any of the questions make you feel uncomfortable, you do not have to answer them (all questions are voluntary).

Paper version of the survey

If you prefer to complete the survey on paper rather than online, just give us a call or email us to let us know and we will get one mailed out to you with a reply paid envelope for you to return your completed survey. Our contact details are in the footer.

Choose your own adventure!

There are three different lengths of the survey you can choose to complete that will take different amounts of time: short (20-30 mins), regular (30-50 mins) or you can choose to do an additional section of the survey at the end (an extra 10 mins). These are estimated times. There will be some variability in the time required – it really depends on how many questions apply to you. You will get a different number of entries into the prize draw depending on the length of the survey you choose to complete (see Prize Draw T&Cs for further details).

We are here to help

If you need assistance with the survey or have any questions, you can call us on 1800 981 499 during business hours, or email us on regionalwellbeing@canberra.edu.au

You don’t need to
do the survey all in one go

As you go through the survey your responses are automatically saved. This means if you need a break, or the internet fails, you can complete the survey later from where you left off. This works as long as you have cookies enabled on your computer and you go back to the link on the same device you started the survey on. You just need to go back to the link we emailed you, or if you accessed the survey directly via the website, click back to the survey button on the website.



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